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1 Washroom Accessories & Supplies

A Eco Fresh System

A The Wave 2.0 Urinal Screen

• New & improved design
• Pull off the date tabs upon installation to remind you when to

change the air freshener
• Includes one “Screen Saver” bag per box to store the spare

screen until needed
• Freshens Urinal a full 30 Days; twice as much as the competitors
• Releases billions of optimized bacteria that clean the urinal and

eliminate odours
• Longer protrusions release fragrance and reduce splashback
• Cuts cleaning time by up 50% while saving money
• Complies with VOC Requirements

20HM Herbal Mint 10/bx 1 lb
Honeysuckle 10/bx 1 lb
20HS Kiwi Grapefruit 10/bx 1 lb
20KG O 10/bx 1 lb
20FB O Fabulous 10/bx 1 lb
20WG Wintergreen 10/bx 1 lb
20OM O Ocean Mist 10/bx 1 lb
10/bx 1 lb
20MG Mango 10/bx 1 lb
20CT O Citrus 10/bx 1 lb
Spiced Apple 10/bx 1 lb
20SA Cotton Blossom 10/bx 1 lb
Guava Pineapple
20CB Cucumber Melon
20GP O


B The Dome Urinal Screen

• Fragrances last 60 days, twice as long as any other urinal
screen; purchase 50% fewer screens, reducing costs

• Date tabs remind you when to change it
• Unique non-splash dome design minimizes over-spray on floors

B walls and partitions

• Perfect for high domed waterless urinal cartridges and raised

• Contains billions of beneficial bacteria that consume the source
of drain odours

• Dome design eliminates floating and movement in the urinal

RUS30HM Herbal Mint 5/bx 1.4 lb
RUS30MG Mango 5/bx 1.4 lb
RUS30CTO Citrus 5/bx 1.4 lb
RUS30SA 5/bx 1.4 lb
RUS30CB Spiced Apple 5/bx 1.4 lb
RUS30CM Cotton Blossom 5/bx 1.4 lb
Cucumber Melon

Fragrance Intensity Chart

Herbal Mint
Kiwi Grapefruit

Ocean Mist

Spiced Apple
Cotton Blossom
Guava Pineapple
Cucumber Melon
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