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Washroom Accessories & Supplies 2

Eco Fresh System A
A Eco Clip
• Freshens the air for 30 days or more
• Unique patent-pending material contains 30 times more air

freshener than standard rim sticks
• Environmentally Friendly; low VOC’s
• 100% recyclable; will not dissolve in or pollute water
• Fits most standard toilets; clips on outside of bowl
• Also clips on toilet tank, bathroom partition, etc.

EBC72HM Herbal Mint 12/cs 1.6 lb
Honeysuckle 12/cs 1.6 lb
EBC72HS O Kiwi Grapefruit 12/cs 1.6 lb
EBC72KG O 12/cs 1.6 lb
EBC72FB O Fabulous 12/cs 1.6 lb
EBC72OM O Ocean Mist

EBC72MG Mango 12/cs 1.6 lb
EBC72CT O Citrus 12/cs 1.6 lb

EBC72SA Spiced Apple 12/cs 1.6 lb

EBC72CB Cotton Blossom 12/cs 1.6 lb
EBC72GP O Guava Pineapple 12/cs 1.6 lb

EBC72CM Cucumber Melon 12/cs 1.6 lb

B Eco Air Passive 30-Day Air Freshener

• Unique fragrances are designed for month long performance
without batteries or fans

• Easy to use – Fits TC®, TimeMist®, Ecolab®, Hospeco®,
Kimberly-Clark®, Vectair® and fan dispensers too

• Cannot spill or break; 100% recyclable
• Use in restroom stalls, on restroom walls, conference rooms,

entry ways, lobbies, trash rooms and near soiled linens

EA36HM Herbal Mint 6/cs 1.3 lb
EA36KG O Kiwi Grapefruit 6/cs 1.3 lb
EA36FB O 6/cs 1.3 lb
EA36MG Fabulous 6/cs 1.3 lb
Mango 6/cs 1.3 lb
EA36CT Citrus 6/cs 1.3 lb
Spiced Apple 6/cs 1.3 lb
EA36SA Cotton Blossom 6/cs 1.3 lb
Cucumber Melon 12/cs 2.0 lb
EA36CB Eco Air Cabinet

C Eco Fresh Hang Tags

• 100% more fragrance than typical air fresheners

• Versatile - hang it in places like a stall doorstop, toilet handle, fan

cabinets, etc.

• Environmentally friendly when compared to most gel or metered

aerosol air fresheners

72HM Herbal Mint 12/cs 1.7 lb

72HS Honeysuckle 12/cs 1.7 lb

72KG O Kiwi Grapefruit 12/cs 1.7 lb

72WG Wintergreen 12/cs 1.7 lb

72OM O Ocean Mist 12/cs 1.7 lb

72MG Mango 12/cs 1.7 lb

72CT O Citrus 12/cs 1.7 lb

72SA Spiced Apple 12/cs 1.7 lb

72CB Cotton Blossom 12/cs 1.7 lb

72GP O Guava Pineapple 12/cs 1.7 lb

72CM O Cucumber Melon 12/cs 1.7 lb

I114 Suction Cups 12/bg 0.1 lb

O Non-stocked item requires special order
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