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3 Washroom Accessories & Supplies

A Eco Fresh System
A Easy Fresh

• The only air freshener that uses the cover of the dispenser as
the air freshener itself; no locks - remove the old cover and
replace it

• Powerful enough to freshen large areas; contains 2 - 3 times
more fragrance than most gels or metered aerosols

• VOC compliant and works continuously; no peaks of freshness
• Air freshener lasts consistently for 30 days or more
• The computerized fan turns sparingly in week 1 and gradually

turns more frequently until week 4 when the fan turns constantly

Refills with Battery

EF12HM Herbal Mint 12/bx 4 lb
Honeysuckle 12/bx 4 lb
EF12HS Kiwi Grapefruit 12/bx 4 lb
EF12KG O 12/bx 4 lb
EF12FB O Fabulous 12/bx 4 lb
EF12OM O Ocean Mist 12/bx 4 lb
12/bx 4 lb
EF12MG Mango 12/bx 4 lb
EF12CT O Citrus 12/bx 4 lb
Spiced Apple 12/bx 4 lb
EF12SA Cotton Blossom 12/bx 4 lb
Guava Pineapple
EF12CB Cucumber Melon


Refills without Battery

EF12NBHM Herbal Mint 12/bx 2 lb
Honeysuckle 12/bx 2 lb
EF12NBHS Kiwi Grapefruit 12/bx 2 lb
EF12NBKG O 12/bx 2 lb
EF12NBFB O Fabulous 12/bx 2 lb
EF12NBOMO Ocean Mist 12/bx 2 lb
12/bx 2 lb
EF12NBMG Mango 12/bx 2 lb
EF12NBCT O Citrus 12/bx 2 lb
Spiced Apple 12/bx 2 lb
EF12NBSA Cotton Blossom 12/bx 2 lb
Guava Pineapple
EF12NBCB Cucumber Melon



• Choose from a passive or battery operated dispenser
• Fan unit has LED indicators; Green Light = Good, Red Light =

Replace the cover, No Light = Needs cover and battery, Audible
Alert = change the cover (after 33 days, “chirps every 3 minutes)
• Push button release resets the program for the 30-day refill

EFCABP Passive Dispenser 24/cs 0.8 lb
EFCABPE Fan Dispenser 12/cs 4 lb

B The Curve Air Freshener

• Using the date tabs, you’ll know when to replace it
• Place or hide the Curve almost anywhere - on the side of toilets,

inside bathroom cabinets, on the underside of trash can lids, etc.
• Contains 50 times more fragrance than a standard toilet rimstick;

freshening for a full 30 days

RC30HM Herbal Mint 10/bx 1 lb
RC30MG Mango 10/bx 1 lb
RC30CT Citrus 10/bx 1 lb
RC30SA 10/bx 1 lb
RC30CB Spiced Apple 10/bx 1 lb
RC30CM Cotton Blossom 10/bx 1 lb
RC30FB Cucumber Melon 10/bx 1 lb
RCCAB 30/cs 1 lb
Curve Holder
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