A company needs the efforts of many people to keep it successful, to allow it to prosper and grow over the years, and to look forward with confidence to the future.. Advantage Maintenance Products gratefully recognizes all of the people who have participated. In anticipation of their continued support, this Company re-dedicates itself to strive to:

Our Customers - Sensitive to each customer's needs, quick and effective in helping to solve their problems by supplying an ever increasing line of quality products at competitive prices.

Our Employees - A courteous, equal opportunity employer, offering effective leadership, generous rewards for effort, and a place they can be proud to work.

Our Suppliers - Supportive in product and market development of quality products with competitive costs and planned on-time supply.

Our Stockholders - Effective in planning and control to ensure stability, growth, and return on investment in any economic climate.

Our Community & Industry - Vigorous in promotion of products to improve public health through sanitation and continued leadership in safeguarding the environment, both through products and its own operating practices.